Daily Dive Trips

Blowing Bubbles 365 Days Per Year

If you would like to explore Komodo National Park while remaining land-based, day trips are the perfect way to do so. We have three day boats, HUGO, TOBY and SIMON, all equipped with modern marine safety equipment and extremely experienced crew in accordance with marine tourism guidelines. On all boats, we never exceed the ratio of 4 divers to 1 guide (always a certified divemaster or instructor). All of our equipment is excellently maintained Aqualung gear, most of it brand new. Our regulators are equipped with an SPG and it is possible to request one with a depth gauge. Though not all of our regulators have depth gauges, we do offer guests the option of renting Suunto dive computers for just IDR 100.000/day. Prices on Hugo and Toby are inclusive of gear rental, snacks, food & beverage on board and towels. They do not include Komodo National park fees which are currently
IDR 275.000/day Mon-Sat or IDR 350.000/day on Sundays & bank holidays. For non-diving members of your party who would like to join and snorkel for the day, we charge IDR 700.000 to spend the day on either boat.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.  Jacques Cousteau

Daily Guided Dives

With Blue Marlin Komodo


Explore the diversity of Komodo in groups of no more than four divers per guide to ensure a personal, safe experience.


Enjoy 2 dives per day on Hugo, 3 Dives per day on Toby, with lunch included or decide to splurge and charter Simon for the ultimate private schedule.


Dive with confidence in excellently maintained AquaLung rental equipment that is included in your price.



Our boats optimise the experience for all divers depending on the level of training each diver has.


All dives are prefaced with briefings to remind you of diving and safety procedures as well as an intro to the dive site.


Make sure to ask about visiting Rinca Island to see the Komodo Dragons on select days.


Diving Activity # of Dives Price
HUGO 2  IDR 1.500.000
TOBY / SIMON 3 IDR 2.200.000
TOBY + Dragons 2 IDR 2.200.000
SIMON 2 IDR 1.800.000
3 Days Package 6-9 5% Discount
5 Days Package 10-15 10% Discount

*Please be aware that prices do not include National Park Fees. The fees are currently IDR 175.000/day Mon-Sat or IDR 250.000/day on Sundays & bank holidays.

** 5% discount for all divers with their own full set of gear.

 *** 5% discount applicable for professional divers.




Our 600 HP speedboat.

You will struggle to find a faster boat in Labuan Bajo. Where other boats take 3 hours to get to the north of the park, we do it in less than 1. Toby is for our serious divers and is an advanced only boat (excluding trekking days to Rinca). On Toby, we hit the best and most advanced sites in the park. Toby holds a maximum of 13 divers. IDR 2.200.000 includes 3 dives, gear rental, coffee/tea/water/juice, snacks, lunch, and, of course, a fresh towel. As Hugo guests, Toby guests meets at 7:30, leaving at 8:00. Usually, Toby is back by 15:30 – the perfect time to take a shower downstairs, unwind at our restaurant, and watch the sun set over the harbour.



Our 100HP traditional outrigger boat.

On Hugo we do 2 dives a day, mostly catering to courses and newer divers. While Hugo frequents easier sites, divers can still expect beautiful sites filled with pristine corals, turtles, sharks and mantas. Hugo can hold a maximum of 10 people, including dive staff. This allows for a more relaxed atmosphere with a bit more instruction and time to work out any nerves. This boat spends most of its time in Central Komodo as well as taking shorter trips to the nearby, idyllic Sabolan islands. We serve snacks, lunch and tea/coffee/water throughout the day and top it off with a fresh towel. We meet at 7:30, leave at 8:00, and usually return around 14:30. Hugo runs IDR 1.500.000 for 2 dives including gear rental.



Our smaller speedboat.

Arriving after all daily boats leave? Too busy diving & want to squeeze in a dragon tour before flying in the afternoon? No problem! Our smaller speedboat, Simon, hold 5 divers and can be chartered for tailor-made itineraries. Choose between half a day or a full day boat trip. You can reach PADAR island for some panoramic selfies, chose to do 1,2 or 3 dives with it or just take your family on a snorkeling “manta hunt” alongside pristine beaches. Let us know what you wish to see, we’ll make it happen. Prices are based on requested itineraries and are available upon request.


Rekindle your love of diving

If you haven’t been diving in a while (over 6 months), we strongly suggest signing up for a quick refresher course. A quick theory review and session in the pool can help you become comfortable once again with some previously learned diving skills as well as improve your buoyancy skills. In Komodo, this refresher must be done the day before your scheduled dive on Hugo, Toby or Simon.

Our Scuba Tune-Up lasts about 3 hours and costs IDR 1.000.000 (approx. USD 76). If you only want to hop in for about 30 min to be reminded about your equipment and review the core competencies, we can also do a quick refresher. Our quick refresher lasts about 45 minutes and costs IDR 450.000 (approx. USD 34).

Scuba Tune-Up Theory

We’ll ask you to fill out a small survey to gauge what you still remember from your previous dives. With your instructor, practice setting up equipment as reviewing the physics of diving, body air spaces, out-of-air emergency procedures and typical dive procedures.

Pool Practice

Many divers find that scuba diving is much like riding a bike – once back underwater, you’ll begin to remember the skills learned from previous experiences and courses. Your instructor will go through 20 short skills to help you feel at ease the next day and make the most out of your day of diving.

Back in the Ocean

A thorough briefing by your instructor will let you know exactly what to expect and cover anything you may not have discussed in the theory or pool session. Swim with turtles, explore the reefs and try to understand why you took such a long break from diving in the first place!