Improve Your Skills

Take Your Diving Experience to the Next Level

Whether you are newly qualified or have hundreds of logged dives, the PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE allows you to practice your diving skills under instructor supervision, helping you to feel more comfortable and confident underwater. We all know that the best way to improve your diving skills is to get in the water. Therefore, during this course, you will mainly be diving! Complete five adventure dives with the opportunity to try some of diving’s most rewarding and useful speciality activities, such as deep diving, underwater navigation, drift diving and much more. These varied skills will make diving much more than underwater sightseeing.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.  Jacques Cousteau

Advanced Open Water Course

What’s Included?


Learn more about the many different specialities of diving: deep, wreck, navigation, drift, night and more!


Dive with confidence in excellently maintained rental equipment. We are a proud AquaLung Partner.


A rental Suunto Zoop computer is supplied to learn how to dive with technology normally encountered in the diving world.

A diver checks his dive computer.


Your course includes a digital copy of the Advanced course manual, Adventures in Diving.


Learn from the best. Blue Marlin’s team of award-winning instructors teach all courses in multiple languages.


You will be entered into the global PADI database with a lifetime certification qualifying you to dive up to 30m across the world.


IDR 4.900.000*

*pricing for the Gilis only

2 Days

Inclusive Of:

Rental Equipment | Theory Lessons | Learning Materials

Five Ocean Dives | Certification Card

E-Learning: IDR 3.900.000

(not inclusive of learning materials purchased directly through PADI, approx. USD 169)

What Should You Expect?

Post dive briefings are an important part of the course.

First off, there is no exam! Instead, for each speciality dive, you’ll read a short chapter on the pertinent theory and answer a few knowledge review question. Before each dive, your instructor will go over each answer to ensure that everything is properly understood as well as briefing you on any new conditions you may experience.


Five Adventure Dives are all that stand between you and this certification. The Deep and Underwater Navigation dives are required, but it is up to you to choose the rest. Your Deep dive will teach you about additional considerations to make when you dive to 30 metres and the Underwater Navigation module will introduce you to different ways to navigate your way around a dive site using a compass and natural navigation techniques.


Choose three additional adventure dives from the following that most interest you to complete the course: Night, AWARE Fish Identification, Drift, Search and Recovery, Enriched Air, Multilevel and Computer, Digital Underwater Photography, Wreck, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation or Underwater Naturalist. We always strongly recommend Peak Performance Buoyancy, probably the most beneficial of all modules. Complete underwater obstacle courses, backflips, silly games and more as you perfect your buoyancy.