Daily Dive Trips

Blowing Bubbles 365 Days Per Year

Join us for DAILY FUN DIVES. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 dives per day aboard our 80HP traditional outrigger dayboats. Our dive trips depart 3 times per day at 9am, 11:30am & 2:30pm with 2 dives every Friday at 9am & 2:00pm (in accordance with the local prayer schedule). Dive sites change from day to day and we try to vary the dive sites as much as possible and adapt our planning to optimise the experience of each day’s divers. At Blue Marlin Dive Gili Meno we ensure small groups to keep trips safe, relaxed and enjoyable but most of all to add that personal touch to your diving experience.  Our biggest boat has a spacious sundeck where you can enjoy the spectacular view on our way to the dive site and soak up the tropical sun. Afterwards, look up the day’s finds with our fish identification books while filling out your logbook and relaxing with your fellow divers.

For those who haven’t been diving in a while, our QUICK REFRESHER is just what you need to jog your memory. It reacquaints you with diving so that you’re back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world in less than a day. Learn more here.

If you are looking for a special experience, try out a NIGHT DIVE. We run trips upon request and are also one of the few dive centres in the Gilis offering UV NIGHT DIVES. Even the most experienced diver will be impressed with the underwater world when exposed to ultraviolet light. Learn more here.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.  Jacques Cousteau

Daily Guided Dives

With Blue Marlin


Explore the diversity of the Gilis in groups of no more than five divers to ensure a personal, safe experience.


Our dive trips run 3 times per day: 9am, 11:30am & 2pm. On Fridays we dive at 9am & 2pm. Night dives are available.


Dive with confidence in excellently maintained AquaLung rental equipment that is included in your price.

A happy diver smiling underwater


With our two boats, it’s easy to explore dive sites that are appropriate for your level of training and comfort.


All dives are prefaced with briefings to remind you of diving and safety procedures as well as an intro to the dive site.


From our location near Gili Meno’s main harbour, most sites are never more than a 10-15 minute boat ride away.


Diving Activity # of Dives Price
Single Fun Dive 1  IDR 540.000
Night Dive 1 IDR 660.000
UV Night Dive 1 IDR 800.000
5 Dive Package 5 IDR 2.430.000
10 Dive Package 10 IDR 4.590.000

 *packages are good for only one person and are non-transferable

Been A While?

Mask skills are reviewed during a refresher course.

If you haven’t been diving in a while (over 6 months), we strongly suggest signing up for a quick refresher course. A quick theory review and session in the pool can help you become comfortable once again with some previously learned diving skills. The whole experience takes about 1-2 hours, after which you will find yourself far more relaxed and conservative with your air supply on your subsequent, included fun dive. Our quick refresher costs IDR 900.000 and includes your theory review, skill session in the pool and 1 dive.

Night Diving?


It’s a whole new world when you go diving at night for the first time. Some fish go to sleep while other nocturnal creatures awaken and begin their daily routine. If you’ve been night diving before, night dives cost IDR 600.000. If you are an open water diver or this is your very first night dive, we’ll pair you with an instructor where you’ll learn the knowledge and techniques of night diving. This Adventure Night Dive costs IDR 990.000.

UV Night Diving shows fluorescent colours.

Imagine floating through space, suspended in a gravity-free environment as neon colours pop from the dark like a scene from the movie Avatar. In UV night diving, this is our reality! Using a specialised high-intensity blue light in combination with a yellow visor, we are privy to the underwater psychedelic world as many corals, fish and marine creatures glow in hues of yellow, green and orange. UV night dives cost just IDR 750.000 for a once in a lifetime experience.

Preview Time

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Level Up

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